Aligning Technology With Life

Streamline Your Business with ATL BPO

Scale up effectively with outstanding and cost-effective customer-oriented outsourcing.

Aligning Technology With Life

Streamline Your Business with ATL BPO

Scale up effectively with outstanding and cost-effective customer-oriented outsourcing.

Aligning Technology With Life

Streamline Your Business with ATL BPO

Scale up effectively with outstanding and cost-effective customer-oriented outsourcing.

Committed to Maintaining Data SecurityExcellence

Who We Are

Ahsan Technologies Limited (ATL) is a premium Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company specializing in offshore staffing services. We offer immediate access to a pool of talented professionals recruited to meet your specific operational standards, brand identity, and organizational culture. By leveraging our BPO services, you can effortlessly build a team of highly skilled and fluent in English experts from the top tier of the talent pool in Bangladesh

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Gain a competitive edge and
  • Significantly increase productivity

It's time to experience the unique benefits of partnering with ATL for your BPO needs.

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Where We Contribute

We specialize in sourcing and filling positions based on your unique requirements. Explore our comprehensive list of job openings we currently assist clients with.

ATL BPO a Concern of Ahsan Group Ltd.





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ATL BPO Offshoring Services Offer Exceptional Talent to Elevate Your Business.

ATL BPO promotes professional growth for talented and driven individuals worldwide, utilizing its vast global talent network to deliver exceptional services that surpass industry norms. We advocate for remote work as a social equality and environmental sustainability catalyst. We foster cross-cultural collaborations to strengthen global unity. We embrace organizational diversity to enhance innovation and unconventional ideas. We provide unwavering support to exceptional companies in their pursuit of creating and delivering unique products and services.

  • By carefully selecting and deploying the ideal talent from the outset, we ensure a seamless recruitment process and provide a genuine guarantee.
  • A complete background check, including police and reference checks, ensures that selected candidates are suitable for the role.
  • Comprehensive competency and skill assessments evaluate expertise spanning various industries and positions.
  • We offer a fully tailored recruitment process that aligns with your business goals and preferred talent selection approach.
  • Employing focused sourcing strategies based on specific roles, we utilize industry forums, job sites, social media platforms, and talent referral programs to attract top talent.
  • Industry and role-specific Subject Matter Expert(SME) recruitment.

Dedicated Offshore Teams: How it Works

We treat every new client with a custom approach. We aim to help you create the value of your offshore subsidiary at any scale. Build your team according to your preferences and specifications.



Gain a comprehensive understanding of your business requirements in order for us to assemble a team that will accelerate your progress.



Thoroughly evaluate, conduct interviews with, and provide recommendations for candidates who satisfy your specific qualifications.



Offer our expertise and support in guiding you through the process of training your team, ensuring that they acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.



Perform meticulous quality audits, evaluations, and feedback loops to ensure that your team consistently meets the required standards of performance.



ATL provides comprehensive support and consulting services for the full production of your team, ensuring ongoing management assistance.

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How We Add Value

Access cost-effective resources across specialist skill sets, including medical staff & credentialing, accounting, software development, SEO & digital marketing, , customer support, sales and marketing, and more…

  • Our real-time visibility, reporting tools, and rewards platform bridges the gap between you and your team, facilitating effective communication and collaboration.
  • Your team your way, on flexible terms, fully customized offices, and alignment with your working hours, policies, and benefits.
  • Extensive office support with high-speed internet and complete IT security protection.
  • Experience unwavering support from our dedicated on-site customer experience team and HR partners.
  • Access our expert team on-demand to assist you in transitioning offshore, providing training for your team, enhancing performance and quality, developing customized reporting, and delivering various other valuable services.
  • ATL BPO understands our role as a temporary steward of your data and takes this responsibility seriously. Our security systems use industry best practices and proprietary tools to guard your data on multiple levels, including physical and network.



Understand your business needs so that we can build a team to supercharge your growthimage


Screen, interview and endorse candidates that meet your specific qualificationsimage


Help you train your team for optimal performanceimage


Conduct quality audits, evaluations and feedback loops to ensure your team is performing to standardimage

Security Protocols

With our demonstrated capability to fulfill even the most stringent compliance standards and our internal proficiency in designing and managing virtual deployments, we empower businesses of all sizes and industries, including startups and publicly listed companies, to operate confidently and securely.

Our data security protocols provide complete protection through:

  • Comprehensive surveillance of office premises through camera monitoring
  • Implementation of robust security measures for both digital and physical aspects, covering offices, systems, hardware, and software
  • Secure Data Transferal
  • Proprietary security solutions
  • Adherence to industry-leading procedures for data archiving and destruction
  • Regular Vulnerability Management System (VMS) scans on all network devices, servers, and middleware

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Satisfying Regulatory Compliance

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Beyond Mere Cost Savings

By utilizing outsourced staffing, your business can experience accelerated growth, mitigate risks, boost profitability, and elevate the customer experience. Leverage our investments in people, processes, infrastructure, and technology to unlock the full potential of your business.

  • Drive rapid business growth and facilitate transformative initiatives at a significantly reduced cost compared to local resources, enabling you to scale your business faster.
  • Reduce infrastructure and office costs by leveraging our investment in Bangladesh
  • Enhance productivity and elevate customer service levels by implementing 24-hour operations or after-hours service and processing, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Leverage cutting-edge technologies and our team of skilled IT professionals without needing upfront investments.
  • Consolidate and centralize your shared service capabilities across HR, IT, recruitment, and finance functions.

Why Choose Us


Customized Solutions


Emphasis On Data Security & Related Protocols


Client-Focused Approach




Robust Data Protection Measures

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